Federcongressi&eventi, the Italian association of companies and professionals involved in the meetings industry, in collaboration with Banco Alimentare and Equoevento launched the project Food for Good for the recovery of surplus food at conferences.

Coffee breaks and meals during conferences, congresses or events, are a pleasant opportunity of conviviality, where taste, high quality and abundance are starring. If the food is not completely consumed, it can be donated for the purpose of social solidarity. With simple operations, surplus food can be recovered by volunteers of Banco Alimentare and Equoevento, and then delivered to charitable organizations (shelters, soup kitchens and refugee centres) assisting people in need.

Moreover, it is important to communicate to all the participants that the event does not waste food. In this way they are aware of the project and they can enjoy the meal even more!

The project is simple, it does not require great efforts or costs, and complies with Italian Law No 166/2016. The recovery of surplus food is organized under a clearly defined protocol where responsibilities are governed by a shared operating procedure.

On the website it is possible to download the guidelines, the communication materials and read about the simple procedures to follow for recovering surplus food in compliance with food safety.

Watch the video and discover the project!