Rete Banco Alimentare, Italian Food Bank Network: about us




The daily work of the Rete Banco Alimentare (Italian Food Bank Network)

Since 1989 the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus has been collecting the production surplus of the food supplt chain, and by means of its network of 21 organizations spread all over the country, it has been redistributing it to over 8.898 charitable organizations that assist the poor and the needy all over Italy. The Banco Alimentare Network collects foodstuff s which are still perfectly edible but, having lost their commercial value, would be destined to destruction. These foodstuffs are saved from waste, recover their value and become a richness for those who have too little. The main supplying sources of the Banco Alimentare Network are: food industry, organized large-scale retail trade, and collective catering service. Besides, a relevant amount of food products are granted by European Union within a specific programme of helping the poor.

The acticity of the Banco Alimentare Network is made possible thanks to the daily work of over 1.700 volunteers.

The Food Bank Network works 365 days a year. 
In 2013 we distributed 62.826 tons of food. In particular we recovered:

- 42.000 tons from the European Union
- 12.125 tons from food industry
- 3.221 tons of fruit and vegetables
- 5.171 tons from distribution
- 309 tons from catering service.

In addition we collected 9.828 tons of food.

One day for giving: The National Food Collection Day in Italy

Besides the daily activity of recovering food surplus and distributing it to the poorest in our country, every year on the last Saturday of November the Fondazione Banco Alimentare organizes the National Food Collection Day. Since 1997 this appointment has become an important moment, involving civil society and raising awareness abount the problem of food poverty thanks to a concrete and free gesture of sharing: to buy food for those who need it. During this day, a large network of supermarkets are involved in the whole country. Everyone can give a part of his shopping in order to answer the need of those who live in poverty.

135,000 volunteers give their contribution and allow the realization of this gesture. It is a great gesture of charity: the experience of giving goes beyond all expectations, giving birth to a surprising human solidarity.


The XVII edition of the National Food Collection Day took place on Saturday 30th November 2013 in more than 11.000 supermarkets. With the help of more than 135.000 volunteers, we collected 9.037 tons of food. The collected food was distributed to 8.898 charitable organizations affiliated to the Food Bank Network that assisted over 1.9 million people. 

The Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus is a member of the Fédération Européenne des Banques Alimentaires (FEBA) brings together 256 Food Banks in Europe, which daily fight agaisnt hunger and food waste. It has relations also with Feeding America and with some of the Food Banks present in Latin America.  

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